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Roulette Payouts - Roulette Payout Charts Explained

Verfasst: Do 6. Dez 2018, 19:24
von MattBurditt1
Understanding Betting and Payouts on Roulette

As you know, there are three main types of roulette. Although they all have the same payout sizes for similar bets, the casino (expectation) advantage is different for them. This type of roulette was conceived as a game with a reduced share of the institution. And indeed, when playing exclusively by stakes in the room, the casino has no advantage over the player. It is not difficult to verify by closing all the playing field numbers with the same bets. To put on each number will require 37 chips. One of the bets will win. The winnings per bet in the number will be 36 chips, plus the return of the winning chip. Total, after the back will remain the same 37 chips. And although in practice a player bets only on a part of the field numbers, such an example demonstrates that it is possible to play roulette with a higher payout indefinitely, theoretically, without losing a cent.

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