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Who will Bartomeu vote for in the Spanish FA presidential elections?

Verfasst: Mi 16. Mai 2018, 13:50
von Bongngarthom

The Spanish FA's presidential elections take place on Thursday between Luis Manuel Rubiales sbo168 and Juan Luis Larrea, and Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu will cast the Blaugrana's vote in person, rather than send a delegate. He still hasn't made public who the Catalan club will back, although it is expected that they'll vote for whoever promises tournament format reforms. Barcelona want one of the candidates to commit to reducing the number of matches in the Copa del Rey by putting the top eight LaLiga teams straight into the last 16 and by making ties one-off sbo168 matches, rather than two-legged affairs. Bartomeu also wants the Supercopa de Espana to become a one-off match.Furthermore, Barcelona would like to see Francisco Rubio leave the role as the head of the Spanish FA's Competition Committee. Bartomeu will travel to Madrid this week to attend the elections, but it remains to be seen who he'll back and if his demands will be met by either candidate. sbo168